I’m developing new content but it’s been tricky with my role as “Grammie” these past 2 months in Austin. My daughter, Lauren, gave birth to a precious baby boy, with another 20-month-old boy needing just as much attention. But as I was going through my archives, I found this story that I feel is even more relevant today than when posted two years ago.

We’ve all had difficult people in our lives who may not be easy to love. Sometimes they’re a family member. Often a friend, or maybe someone in the media who pushes our buttons. We’ve been told we should love everyone, but they make it so hard when they illicit negative emotions deep within us. However, for me, I think I’ve found a way.

As my sweet dad use to say, “When you can’t love someone in their human form, try to love their soul, for that’s what God sees and loves.When I can look beyond what someone is doing that’s upsetting, and remember there’s a soul deep within, I find I become much more patient, even forgiving, as I make time to bless them from afar before going on with my day.

How have you handled the difficult people in your life? I’d love to know.

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