Stories of helping a loved one die with dignity and grace.

The Final Question

Carefully studying my father, his eyes closed as he traveled deep into his memories, I decided it was time to one ask a very difficult question. Pulling up a chair, I put my hand on his and said, “Dad, I need to talk to you.” Opening up those Irish blue eyes I loved so dearly, he waited for what he thought would be a pleasant conversation, only to be met with, “How do you want it to look when you die?”

Horrified, his face […]

An Inconvenient Celebration

As I pulled letters out of the mailbox, my eyes immediately became transfixed on a large cream-colored envelope, complete with elegant calligraphy. By the weight, number of stamps, and shape, I knew something wonderful was waiting inside.

“Another wedding.” I cried out, excited. “How fun!”

For as far back as I can remember, life celebrations meant a party, and how I love receiving an invitation to any party; whether it be a birthday, baptism, graduation, or wedding. But, there’s one festivity where you don’t need an […]

Statute of Limitations

“I can’t believe he’d do this to me,” I cried hysterically. “After all, we meant to each other.” Curling into a ball, torrential tears melted my mascara as my entire world came crashing to an obliterated end.

Annoyed at yet another gusher, Mary, my sixteen-year-old BFF, had had enough. “Get over it!” she barked. “You only dated him a week.” Little did I know, when it came to broken hearts, there was a Statute of Limitations for my sorrow.

Throughout my life, I’ve been told countless […]

A Way to Never Forget

As the afternoon sun poured through the sliding glass window, I Velcroed my nine-year-old body against the kitchen wall to feel its warmth. It dripped down my tummy like hot fudge over vanilla ice cream. I closed my eyes and prepared to daydream, but as the darkness engulfed me, fear overwhelmed my thoughts.

“Mom, what’s it like to be dead?” I probed tentatively as she prepared dinner.

She looked over her shoulder, penciled eyebrows in a perfect arch, and giggled, “I have no idea. I’m not […]

It’s Called Faith

Since my daddy moved in with me two months ago, the most important TV station in his world has been channel 229 – the Catholic channel.

Because Macular Degeneration has taken away his vision, he can no longer see clearly. This means he cannot do the one thing he loves most, to read. The stories on Channel 229, plus the masses and rosaries spoken out loud, bring him a source of comfort that has never abandoned him— his Catholic religion.

“I think it’s time for mass,” […]