The Rules to Becoming a Grandmother

In 2018, a year after I turned 65, my daughter Lauren gifted me with my first grandson, Bo. I’d waited such a long time for the blessed event – so long that I often thought it would never happen. All four of my children were well into their thirties and taking their sweet old time with this phase of their lives. So, when it was announced he would arrive that August, I decided to research all the ways to be, and not to be, […]

The Tears of a Mother

As I walked into the laundry room, my heart stopped beating. There, in the middle of my new tile floor stood my one-year-old daughter Lauren tap dancing in a puddle of permanent blue paint, smiling brightly. Instantly, my eyes began to sting with the tears that would soon come. We’d saved five years for that simple remodel, and now it was ruined. Oh, the joys of being a parent.

Over the past forty-two years, the one thing I’ve gotten good at is crying, and it […]

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    Money Comes and Money Goes – but it’s the emphasis that makes all the difference

Money Comes and Money Goes – but it’s the emphasis that makes all the difference

Photo by Sarah McCutcheon on Upsplash

“Crap, how do I pay all these bills this month,” I cried out loud, looking at the dwindling balance scrawled in my checkbook. A recent real estate deal I was working on wouldn’t close for another month, and my stocks had taken a horrific hit because of the mess our country—our world—was going through. Since I became a single mom twenty-one years ago, money (or the lack of it) has been the bane of my existence and the source […]

For This, I Refuse to Apologize

Author and her only son

Over my sixty-nine years, I’ve done many things for which I needed to apologize. I’ve lied, cheated, talked about others behind their backs; I even stole candy from the local deli as a child. And each time I was caught, I had to put on my big girl panties and own up to the misbehavior. But there’s one thing I refuse to ever apologize for, and I mean ever.

About a month ago, I was with my third daughter, Lauren, for […]

Growing Up is so Overrated, and I’m not about to do it!

Photo by Edu Carvalho from Pexels

After dawning my super-powerful, diamond-crusted Grammie cape, I checked my eye makeup one more time before adjusting my mask and spraying one final mist of liquid glue to my curls. Despite the fact my first grandson, Bo, had a new name for me (Old Grandma) I was determined to not then, not ever, show my age. So out the door I ran to monitor the afternoon play on the cul-de-sac.

Life in a neighborhood filled with small children is busy. There are balls […]

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    Do We Really Have to Tell the Truth? Can’t we pretend a little longer?

Do We Really Have to Tell the Truth? Can’t we pretend a little longer?

Author’s third grandson, Kai, meeting Santa for the first time

It was early December 1958 when my life fell apart. Mom had the house beautifully decorated for Christmas, and I’d just written my letter to Santa when a nasty friend of my older brother felt this was the time to tell me the truth—that Christmas was a lie and there was no Santa. Running to my mother, I sobbed in her arms. Then, through my tears, I begged for her to tell me the truth.

“Do […]