In 2018, I created a Youtube Channel to introduce my book, “The Promise I Kept,” about the caregiving journey I took with my dad the last nine years of his life, as well as other topics. But, as luck would have it, other things eventually got in the way, and I stopped doing the videos. Recently, I was approached by two friends, a producer and media specialist, to collaborate with them. They wanted start up the series again, then turn the discussions in to a podcast series. So, here I go.

Once a week, I’ll be posting a short 3-5 minute video on YouTube, Facebook, and my website with the latest “What do I know?” topic – musings on what I’ve learned from life with the help of others.

Feel free to follow along and make any suggestions on what you’d like discussed or comments. The videos are designed to be interactive. You can also subscribe to the channel (there’s a little icon on the lower right corner) so you’ll be notified as soon as one is published.

If you haven’t seen the first one yet, here it is.

I pray this is finding you healthy, with your loved ones, and at peace during these rough times. We’re entering a whole new world. Let’s do it together. Warmly, Jackie