author Jackie Haugh talks about KarmaIn my profession as a Realtor, I’m constantly shocked over the feelings buyers have about a death in the family home. In most cases, it’s an absolute deal breaker.

When my dad moved in with me, I realized that this might easily be a possibility when it was his turn to go home. At 95, he could pass away any day, any hour, any minute. I knew I needed to prepare my children.

At first, their reaction was typical – “how creepy.” Could they ever sleep in the same room he left behind? But I look at this as beautiful Karma; a gift one human being can give to another.

Karma is the result of an act; a kind act begets a kind return. Unfavorable acts get it back big time. What better way to release someone you love into the arms of the Lord than from a warm home, surrounded by the people who love them most, wrapped up snug in a velvet blanket with precious memories everywhere.

My mother passed away in the sterile, dank environment of a hospital room. There were no family photos; no delicious smells emanating from the kitchen, no photographs of a life well lived. When the doctors knew it was only matter of hours, she was moved from her room to what I labeled the “death floor.” The only patients on Ward 2 were the ones about to die. It was impersonal, stark, and cold. Thank God her family was with her until the end.

When my daddy leaves me, I pray he departs from 1033 Dartmouth Lane on the wings of a snow white dove straight to heaven.

My biggest dream is he one day goes to sleep and never wakes up. And if this desire comes to fruition, I know good Karma will bless this house for generations to come. A kind, gentle soul, was allowed to leave a place he called his second home. Somewhere he felt safe, respected, cared for and, above all, cherished. How beautiful will that be