Walking into the living room, I found my father in his favorite worn-out green plaid recliner. Taking a deep breath, I asked the question we’d both been preparing for all month, “Dad, are you ready to move in with me?”

Smiling, he looked me straight in the eyes and asked, “The question is, are you ready to have me?”

In one week, on June 1st, my daddy will be my first roommate since my children all left the house for lives of their own. The house is totally prepared: a ramp was built, his room painted a soft yellow (his choice), the drawers were emptied, the mail forwarded, and Power of Attorney signed. And, I am so looking forward to this.

Years ago when I asked him to live with me, his immediate response was “I can’t do that! You’d bother me.” I’d bother him?

We laugh about that discussion now. I know deep inside he was terrified he’d be the one bothering me, but I look at this adventure as history lesson – the history of his life. Rarely in his 95 years has he ever talked about his childhood, thoughts, dreams or fears. I plan to bug the hell out of him and learn everything I can. I will record every conversation and write it down for my children and their children.

So, is he ready to come? He’s finally wrapped his mind around it, although there will be sad moments when he knows he is leaving the one place he truly loved, I plan to make him feel at home. And, am I ready? Absolutely!

Time to come home, dad!