“What does it mean to be spiritual?” A man on an internet dating site asked. “I see women write that all the time.”

For a moment I had to stop and really think. Like so many others, it can be considered a buzz word just to create a conversation, but what does it truly mean?

Sitting back, I gazed out the window and wondered how do I reply? I consciously know I am, but to put it into words (and do it justice) was going to be a challenge. How can vocabulary express the rich relationship one has with the Lord?

After going through the litany of explanations: striving to connect with a higher force, surrendering one’s ego, helping others, loving everyone including your enemies, being grateful for one’s blessings and knowing God is ever present – it came to me! Being spiritual for me (besides all the fore mentioned) is seeing myself as God sees me.

When we walk in His light, we travel in his never ending love. We are the perfect reflection and expression of His love. By believing this, we view those around us and value them as well because there is a beautiful spark that shines within. By seeing myself as He sees me, I’m constantly at peace.

Being a spiritual person makes me strive to be the best I can be by stepping out of my egocentric mind and realizing there is a big, beautiful world that surrounds me daily. Appreciating it, I’m always reminded how life is truly worth living. I treasure all my gifts for I know I am blessed.

When I view myself as I think He does, I feel whole, complete and utterly joyful.