Selfless Angels

While having my nails done in December, 2008, minding my own business, a voice next to me broke my mental wanderings.

“I know you,” she said.

Looking into the face of this gorgeous creature, I panicked. Whenever I hear those words, I’m taken back to my twenties. They typically came after I was dancing on some table at a local bar. As a mature, fifty-seven-year-old woman and mother of four, I no longer do those things, but I’m always fearful I’m going to be forced to relive a embarrassing moment I’ve expunged from my mind.

“You taught my daughter dance over ten years ago,” she said with a smile.

Whew! Once the tension in the pit of my stomach relaxed, we chatted – about growing older, joining the work force again and, finally, divorce. The departure from my children’s father was eight years before – hers was just beginning.

“I’m so sorry,” I responded. “It’s not easy.”

“How did you get through it,” she inquired.

The healing process with any traumatic event can come in various forms. Mine came in writing my life’s story. A simple tale I wanted to leave behind for my children.

“I wrote a book,” I said. “It helped me rediscovered the woman I lost long ago.”

As we readied to leave, she asked for my business card. Being a realtor with Alain Pinel Realtors, this is always an exciting moment. To actually be asked for my contact information leaves me with hope of a possible transaction. Two months later, I received a phone call that changed my entire life.

“Jackie, it’s Susan Longworth,” she started. “I’ve just opened a new store in Los Altos called the Scarlet Boutique and I want to have a book signing for you.”

Shocked, I nearly dropped the phone. A book signing meant that my story would be seen by more than my immediate family. It also meant that a hobby I loved would be validated.

“What do you want in return,” I questioned, knowing we live in a world where we never get something for nothing.

“I don’t want anything,” she responded. “I just want to see you successful.”
That momentous day came in April, 2009, and over 300 copies were sold. In an instant, my world transformed forever and all due to this selfless angel, who flew into my life on golden wings, to offer me an opportunity.

“Sometimes, we just need that one break,” she said. “And I’m happy to be the one to do it for you.”

I’ll never forget that act of kindness by a woman I barely knew. It also made me realize of how one simple gesture can alter a person forever.

The world has evolved drastically over the past year and half. No longer can we be a “me first” generation. It’s time we all took notice of our neighbor and extended a hand. Just think of the possible miracles we’ll create by becoming a selfless angel.