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I’ve just been through a really difficult breakup and Im trying very hard to look towards the future and keep my head up. Thank you Jackie for your words of inspiration. Shannon
An amazing, in-depth look into one strong woman’s trials, tribulations, and happier times in life.
I truly enjoyed reading this book. It was entertaining, moving, sad, heartwarming, informative, honest and funnier than hell!
I already knew Jackie was an amazing woman, but after reading her book I am even more amazed.
I am recommending this book to everyone I know and I definitely can’t wait to read her next book!Stephanie Stearns
This needs to be on Oprah’s must read list…its a New York best seller.. I could not put it down. I read how it relates to what so many us have to endure – a divorce and how we come out of it stronger and with more conviction in life.
Betty Chin
Jackie writes with such warmth, humor and compassion about her life. As moms, women, heck, just as people, we can all find something that touches us deeply because we can relate to it personally. My Life in a Tutu was a joy to read!
Sharon McClintock
This is an extremely impressive accomplishment. I enjoyed reading it very much.Mary Gaines
Jackie you are an amazing person who I admire greatly!! This book was very enjoyable to read, especially for a young woman like me! I look up to your strength and courage! You are such a beautiful person inside and out! Love you and your cute family ­čÖéAnnie Montgomery
What can I say, I am so glad that Jackie finally wrote a book! Jackie is such an amazing woman and such an inspiration to everyone. I love her book and recommend it to everyone!Kelly Thede
This book had it all- I laughed, I cried; I finished it all in one sitting. Jackie did such a fabulous job of engaging her audience through relatable experiences. She empowers the reader to learn, to grow, and to prevail when life gives us bumps in the road. It is sincere, filled with love, and the message that we can become who we want to be; It is up to us to align our lives with what we envision, even if the path looks rocky at the time. Thank you Jackie for such a beautiful gift!! Michelle
Who would have thought that a friend of 25 years could surprise me! Jackie did! Her book is a delight that I could not put down.She should be commended for all that she has done for her self and her children. Lets all toast to Jackie as she authors her second book. Can’t wait!

Linda Maher

I thoroughly enjoyed the book. Not only was it interesting, but it was also quite entertaining. I find Jackie a remarkable writer with a wonderful sense of humor. While reaching for tissues one minute, I would be laughing hysterically the next. It seems the more obstacles Jackie runs into in her life, the more hurdles she learns to jump. She’s an inspiration to everyone and I look forward to the sequel. I love Jackie dearly and hope her future is bright with love, success and happiness.
Kim Chien
I read Jackie’s book from start to finish in one evening. I could relate to so much that she describes. The book is heartfelt, warm and sincere, just like her! Jane Germain
Jackie’s story rings true on so many levels. The struggles, doubts and triumphs we face as mothers, women, wives, daughters and friends. Bravo!
Sheila Ellison
So funny and true! I couldn’t stop reading.
Linda Stoll
Jackie is truly a gifted writer. Her ability to find humor, not only in the ridiculous, but also in the poignant moments of life, has the reader belly-laughing at times, and wiping away a tear at others. “My Life in a Tutu” is a journey that makes us, as readers, reflect light-heatedly on the ups and downs in our own lives and the outfits we have donned.
Leslie Ballesteros
“My Life in a Tutu” is unlike anything I have ever read. It was extremely descriptive, engaging, touching and real. You quickly feel very connected to the author and start empathizing with the events that have taken place in her life, no matter if you have been in a similar situation or not. Each chapter is something new and exciting. What I loved most is how each story allowed you to look at the bigger picture and apply the lesson that she learned to your own life. It makes you look at situations like you have never looked at them before.
Lauren Haugh
My Life in a Tutu is pure entertainment! I laughed and I cried… frequently at the same time. Jackie Haugh’s unique ability to present life lessons in a humorous, yet insightful and thought-provoking manner is such a refreshing and welcome approach.Jackie’s honest reflection and hearth-warming presentation of her personal (sometimes very personal) life gives the reader permission, no a challenge, to do the same with their own life.The collection of stories is an “easy-read” that stays with you long after that last page is turned.
Sheri Hughes
Not sure what I can say, except… I LOVED IT! Mondana Hamzavi
When I began reading My Life in a Tutu, I couldn’t put it down. I read the entire thing start to finish, and I’m not even a reader! I loved the honesty and integrity that shone throughout the story. I came to learn so much about my mom and what made her the amazing person she is today. She had a lot to overcome, but she always did so with grace. It’s a hopeful memoir that encourages people and helps them to see that there is always a light at the end of a dark tunnel. To get there, you just have to stay true to yourself. I was truly touched by this book and could not have been more proud to call the author my mother. Jenni Haugh