“Looks, power, wealth, fame and relationships are mere garments, costumes that need to be worn lightly because in a heartbeat they can disappear. it’s not the job that we do or the material items we possess that defines us as human beings. Who we are can be simply found by looking into our souls, listening to our hearts and discovering how well we rise after falling.”                         Jackie

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Why did you write this book?

How did you pick the title, My Life in a Tutu?


You said that you found your voice just as your mother

was losing hers, can you explain that?

You said you wrote this for your kids,what did they think about it?

Did you leave things out of your book to protect your kids?

Your last chapter is titled Daddy’s Little Girl, tell me about that?

When you started writing your stories, did youthink you’d end up with a memoir?

How has finding your voice changed your life?