You have to admit, we are one vain society. Driven by fashion, we are conscious of what to wear and how to coordinate accessories with our “Glamor Girl” mentality. Shoes match the purses, eye shadow complements the blouse, spiked heels say whether we’re in a sexy mood or sensible pumps for the business mode.

I was well trained by my mother from an early age to never leave the house without being completely put together from head (always have your “face” on) to toe. A trait I still can’t let go of today. Before I leave the house each morning, I double check to make sure all the accessories match and that I look cute. Then one day it hit me.

While teaching my Saturday morning Hi/Lo aerobics class, at our local YMCA,  I looked out onto the sea of people who faithfully showed up each week. Over the course of weeks and months, the students bonded and friendships had formed.

In one corner, a funny story was being shared. In another, congratulations were expressed over the birth of a new grandchild and to the far left, a tear was wiped away over a recent sorrow. In that instant, I came to see that our most beautiful accessories in our wardrobe are the people we associate ourselves with on a daily basis.

When we surround ourselves with people of integrity, dignity and truth, we take on a beautiful glow – even if our clothes don’t match. Think about how you feel when you spend time with someone who has a positive outlook or deep moral values. You can’t help but mirror those same exquisite attributes.

Now when I put on that perfect shade of red lipstick in the morning or grab my favorite yellow handbag, I plan to add a fabulous friend to the ensemble. Being cute will always be important, but my favorite accessory will be sharing part of my day with someone I love.