Blessings in life come in all shapes and sizes. There are blessings of a loving family and friends. There is the ability to pay all your bills because you have a good job. Then there is the gift of patience, a healthy body and a strong sense of self and worth.

When our days become difficult, we immediately ask God to take us out of our hardships and pain. We’ve been trained to believe that life should always be happy and we thrive on personal pleasures. But have you ever stopped to think about the blessing that comes with tragedy, physical ailments or emotional distress? While we are in that moment we can’t wait to get out.

I don’t like those times either, but I’ve learned to have a new respect for the hiccups in my life. I was once told, “the moment you’re in is exactly where God wants you to be.” I’ve learned He has a plan for me and it’s through being tested that I’ll ultimately reach His vision for what is best for me. Without the struggles, I can’t appreciate the moments that shine brightly. The gift of comparison is the tool by which I’ve learned to  measure my success over failure and the difference between being truly loved or being alone.

Just as the sun continues to shine behind dark, threatening rain clouds, so too does our soul glow behind every obstacle. Finding the strength to get through it will lead you to a new level of glorious self-discovery.