seconddraftfrombasicbasesIts come to my attention that very few people write anymore. Our society has become about “read and delete” communication. Even our birthday cards, sympathy notes, or just to say “hello” notices have found their way to the online version. While the sentiments are lovely, more often than not, after read, they are thrown into the cyberspace trash rather than copied and preserved for safe keeping. This needs to change.


One of the saddest things I hear over and over is, “I wished I asked more questions while they were alive.” Once our loved ones are gone, so is the family history if not previously recorded. So, I came up with a plan. I’m determined to become the “Guardian of Memories” with my next project, A Story to Tell. What I’d like to do is interview older adults, or their children, and tell their story in the written form. The interview will focus on, “What is the one thing you want your family to know or remember you for.” Of course, there are many, but we’ll begin with just one.


These short stories will be compiled into a book with essays from other fascinating people. There is no cost to be interviewed. The only fee would come if you chose to purchase copies of the publication for the family. I’m looking for volunteers to help me with the launching.


After my father passed away, I was told that there are three stages of death:

When your last friend dies

When you die

When no one says your name

Help me keep your loved ones alive forever, at least in the written word. One of the greatest gifts we leave behind for our children, and future generations, are stories about the people who came before. can’t bring to life the vivid memories we have in our hearts. If you’re interested in participating in my initial project, please email me at I would love to hear from you.