What do I know – about being brave

The Oxford Dictionary defines bravery as – ““Ready to face and endure danger or pain, showing courage.”

How often are we called upon to be brave in our lives Each day has its own set of unknowns as to whether we’ll be successful in our endeavors or not. But the one area I’ve found where you really need it is in allowing yourself to love. Being vulnerable leaves us wide open for pain down the road. But without our hearts open for love, our […]

What do I know? – about fear

All things contain energy – including money. Long ago, I lived in so much fear over not having enough. But as the years unraveled, I somehow, even in the lowest times, got all the bills paid. It was then I realized, money will come and it will go, but where I wanted to put my energy was in my love – for family, friends, nature, and just plain life.

We’re coming out of the pandemic, slowly. Let’s not let fear ruin our immune system (which […]

What do I know – on letting go

What has this pandemic made you give up? And, in the end, was it really that important in the first place? When we come out of this mess, our lives are about to change, but maybe that won’t all bad. Maybe it’s time we got rid of the fluff and focused on what’s real.

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What Do I Know?

In 2018, I created a Youtube Channel to introduce my book, “The Promise I Kept,” about the caregiving journey I took with my dad the last nine years of his life, as well as other topics. But, as luck would have it, other things eventually got in the way, and I stopped doing the videos. Recently, I was approached by two friends, a producer and media specialist, to collaborate with them. They wanted start up the series again, then turn the discussions in to […]