Stories of surviving being a single parent to four children while maintaining your sanity.

Don’t Wish it Away

Like a five-year-old child waiting to dive into a sea of birthday presents, I stared out the window in overzealous anticipation for the arrival of my daughter, Jenni.

Eight years ago, my second child decided to make a pit stop in San Diego on her way home from the University of Arizona. Instead of just visiting, she chose to grow roots, and became firmly planted. Fortunately, she saw the light and decided to move back to be with the ones who love her most– namely […]

The Art of Communication

As I stared at the lump of flesh passed out on the couch, the pressure within the magma chamber of my brain began to boil. Within seconds, my anger couldn’t be contained, and an explosive stream of words erupted over my sleeping child.

“Tim, I didn’t travel halfway around the world to watch you sleep!”

Slowly rotating his 6-foot tall frame, he pulled the blanket over his face and grunted a phrase I hadn’t heard in a long time, “Mom, relax! We have all day.”

Immediately, my […]

Good Enough

When are we satisfied with who we are? Are we ever good enough?

As I child, I grew up in a home surrounded by a thick layer of oppressive testosterone that choked every breath I took. Because of the domineering nature of my three brothers, their loud and raucous behavior, I rarely spoke. Trying to get a word in, let alone be heard, was a challenge too exhausting, and in my mind, one not worth taking. What was the point? No one listened anyways.

So, I’d […]