Making Peace

As I walked into my house after a lovely vacation in the Tahoe Mountains, I was hit with the putrid smell of old age. It was a heavy, rancid odor a musty basement emits when full of decaying remnants of a life long gone by. This mixed with the wafting stench of wet, dirty diapers made me want to vomit, turn around, and run away.

Since my 95-year-old father moved in with me, my life and home have been completely turned upside down. Freedom to […]


Watching my father in his favorite recliner, eyes closed deep in thought, I wondered what was going through the mind of this ninety-five-year-old man. What problems could is he solving? What memories was he reliving? Gently touching his arm to get his attention, I had to know.

“Dad, what are you thinking about?” I asked.

Slowly opening his eyes filled with wisdom, he smiled and said, “I’m playing tennis. It’s a great match.”

Stunned, I sat back not sure what to say but then began to giggle. […]