The Truth is Not as Easy as it Sounds

“No! I want it the right way,” my then-six-year-old daughter Michelle screamed. “How do babies get inside a mommy’s tummy? And don’t tell me anymore God stories.”

Now we all know God plays a major role in the birth of any child. After all, it’s a pure miracle. But my inquisitive daughter wanted the facts and only the facts.

“Honey,” I slowly began. “Remember how mommy always says if I don’t have the answer I’ll have to get back to you? Well, this is one of […]

It’s Called Faith

Since my daddy moved in with me two months ago, the most important TV station in his world has been channel 229 – the Catholic channel.

Because Macular Degeneration has taken away his vision, he can no longer see clearly. This means he cannot do the one thing he loves most, to read. The stories on Channel 229, plus the masses and rosaries spoken out loud, bring him a source of comfort that has never abandoned him— his Catholic religion.

“I think it’s time for mass,” […]

In the Moment

My dad was never one to gush over his four children, especially not in the way my mother did. Ever the purveyor of descriptive language, there was not a day that went by that she didn’t tell us how special we were. From the tips of our little button noses to our clubfeet, in her eyes, we were perfection. For dad, his admiration came in subtle, quiet expressions – a look in his eye, a smile of pride, a nod or a wink.

Recently, in one […]

The Boy with the Shovel

Consider the use of a shovel: digging, excavating, lifting, and moving bulky items. A shovel is a common tool found in everyone’s garage, but no one knows its importance more than my father.

In a conversation with my daddy several months before he passed away, I watched as he allowed his mind to float back softly in time to 1920 when he was a wee lad of four. Life in San Francisco was simple and poor. Toys were of the make-shift kind, and the mind […]