Life is a series of Divine lessons that keep you connected to the Universe and mankind

Unanswered Prayers

 “Now I lay me down to sleep. Bless mommy and daddy. Make my brothers stop pestering me, and God, please, please, please don’t let Elvis Presley marry anyone until I grow up!”

In 1960, at eight-years-old, my first true love was the “King” himself. This intense infatuation inspired my initial experiences in negotiating with the Almighty. “Dear God,” I’d pray. “I promise to be a good girl for the rest of my life if You grant me this one wish…” Even though those prayers fell […]

The Importance for Being Punctual

“There’s a reason a set time is given for most everything,” my mother said, staring at her 12-year-old daughter with narrow, “Miss Manners” eyes. “Turning up late is just plain rude.”

I could understand the importance of being punctual for a birthday celebration, but school was a different matter. It was bad enough I had to go, let alone arrive on the dot.

“What about being fashionably late?” I quizzed. “People do it all the time.”

“Being fashionably late is just being selfish. What if everyone thought […]

The Pity Party

Dressed to kill for the sob fest of a lifetime one Friday night, I sat on my couch in dirty socks, faded pink flannel PJs, and my hair swept up on top of my head in an itty-bitty ponytail. I opened a bottle of chilled Chardonnay and turned up the volume to Celine Dion’s hit, “All By Myself,” and proceeded to cry hysterically.

It wasn’t that one bad thing had happened. It was an accumulation of the day-to-day minutia that suddenly felt too heavy to […]

It’s Better to Receive

Everyone just go away and leave me alone; I wanted to scream. As these words bubbled up in the back of my throat, my friends hovered over me like vultures, waiting to swoop in and devour my decaying remains. I wasn’t dying, for God’s sake! I was just about to have a hip replacement. It was a surgery millions of people undergo every day.

“Jackie, stop being so stubborn,” my dear friend, Linda Maher, admonished. “You’re facing a major operation. You’re going to need help.”

Linda […]

It is What it Is

On a cold October morning at 6:00 am, in 1968, my life was forever changed with five little words.

I was barely six-years-old but sophisticated enough to know that my mom’s Barbie Doll-like figure had not begun to change as a result of her over indulgence with fudge and potato chips. As her tummy distended further and further out each month, I knew something very special was developing in her womb. A little person was growing, and about to become the fourth child to Jack […]

Feeling Exposed Can be So Liberating

“Shit!” I screamed as I sprinted down the street in my bare feet. “They’ll be there any minute!”

On that dreary April morning in 2010, I feared that my reputation as a respected Alain Pinel real estate agent would never be taken seriously again. How could I have been so stupid as not to allow myself enough time?

A few weeks prior, I’d obtained a listing on Dartmouth Lane, my very own street. This golden opportunity gave a whole new meaning to walking to work, plus […]