The Most Important Thing

My daddy finally arrived after a month of meticulous planning. At ninety-five, bringing just the right personal belongings was paramount. There was the hospital bed, wheelchair, walker, cane, prescription drugs to keep him awake and to help him sleep the special diet, and a few clothes.

Later in the evening, after a five-hour nap, he woke hungry for my home cooking. I found this flattering but humorous. I’m a lousy cook. After my mother passed away eight years ago, it’s been my father and the […]


When we do something that causes pain or disappointment to another individual (intentional or not), but the recipient sees his or her way to exonerate our indiscretion, the oppressive weight we feel lifts from our shoulders, thus creating a sensation of relief. Happiness invades our hearts, freeing our mind and body and this allows us to move forward once again. Forgiveness is truly one of the greatest gifts we can bestow on another human soul. So, my Lenten question today is “Why is it […]

To Be Spiritual

“What does it mean to be spiritual?” A man on an internet dating site asked. “I see women write that all the time.”

For a moment I had to stop and really think. Like so many others, it can be considered a buzz word just to create a conversation, but what does it truly mean?

Sitting back, I gazed out the window and wondered how do I reply? I consciously know I am, but to put it into words (and do it justice) was going to be […]

My Definition

This Lenten season, I’ve spent hours reviewing my life – where I came from, where I hope to go, and most importantly, how motherhood has shaped my journey.

From the time I was a child, my driving force was to one day grow up and have a passel of little people to care for, guide, and love. In 1981, my dreams came true with the birth of my first daughter followed shortly after by three others. It was a role I immersed myself in with […]