Silly Me

When I was young, if someone labeled me stupid, my self-confidence would be ripped to shreds, leaving me feeling worthless and undesirable.  But this time, I deserved to be called out.


On June 28th, I went in for what was deemed a mere procedure on my knee: nothing major, nothing life threatening, just a little tear in the meniscus. Having already undergone two hip replacements, I was sure my recovery would be easy-peezy.


Fearless, I Ubered to Stanford Hospital for my 7:00 am surgery and woke […]

Little White Lies

As the tall silver fox from Sausalito chatted on, I found my breath taken away. It isn’t often I meet a handsome stranger at a Sharks ice hockey game, but as the fans began to scream; we knew it was time to go inside. Saying goodbye, we exchanged business cards with the promised to meet again.


For the next several days, we flirted via text and email.


“Finally someone normal,” I thought. “How fun to meet a cute guy organically and not on the Internet.” Feeling […]

A Hand to Hold

With 25 like-minded people on a spiritual retreat in Sedona, Arizona, I came searching for inner peace and direction. Happily, I found a new tranquility for my soul, but not in the way I was expecting.

The first day’s mission: locate the ideal spot for meditation. While hunting for someplace to plant our bodies, I did what I always do best – I took one for the team. Basking in the afternoon sun, a large rock called, but due to the recent rain, the river […]

Statute of Limitations

“I can’t believe he’d do this to me,” I cried hysterically. “After all, we meant to each other.” Curling into a ball, torrential tears melted my mascara as my entire world came crashing to an obliterated end.

Annoyed at yet another gusher, Mary, my sixteen-year-old BFF, had had enough. “Get over it!” she barked. “You only dated him a week.” Little did I know, when it came to broken hearts, there was a Statute of Limitations for my sorrow.

Throughout my life, I’ve been told countless […]

Life’s Purpose

Standing at the head of the classroom, her tiny facial features peeking out from the massive folds of her long veil, Sister Peter stared out at fifty-second graders. By the sharpened look in her beady coffee-colored eyes, I knew we were about to be schooled on her favorite topic.

“Now, children,” she began, her voice rattling the musical scale, ending on the high note “C.” “You’re all about to become one with Christ with your upcoming First Holy Communion. It’s time to start thinking about […]

A Divine Conspiracy

Rushing back into the house to grab my lifeline to the world, my cell phone, I’d have only a minute to spare before my listing appointment when I came face-to-face with a large yellow puddle on the white living room carpet. Cowering in the corner was the guilty party. The damn dog was once again testing my patience.

In 2001, I went against my better judgment and purchased my son, Tim, the best present ever – a pound puppy. For the next 14 years, I […]