We all like to get “up close and personal” with our favorite writers and authors by finding out more about them and why they do what they do. This blog is a part of a virtual blog tour that is giving us the opportunity to do just that with people we know, and introducing us to people we might want to know. I was invited to do this tour by Kath Varn, author of Ameera Unveiled, a wonderful story of a woman’s self-discovery through […]

Haugh-House Seminar: How to Write Your Own Story

Summer is over and it’s time to become educated once again. On September 18, 2014, I’ll be hosting a seminar,  How to Write Your Own Story.

In 2007, I took writing classes from my dear friend Sheila Ellison on how to create a memoir. Sheila is an author, and nationally recognized speaker on successful parenting. Her book, The Courage to be a Single Mother, brought wide acclaim and was she was featured on Oprah, with her work making the Book Club list.

When I started the writing process, I never […]

Editing Done on my Book!

As expected, when the chapters from my first memoir, My Life in a Tutu, came back from the publisher, red hash marks covered the pages. Forlorn, I readied myself for hours, if not days, of re-writes.

My writing teacher, Sheila Ellison, once told me that creating the content for a book takes only 30% of an author’s time. The other 70% is saved for all the paragraphs that must be thrown away so new ones can find their way to the pages of the script.

But […]

Waiting for the return of the manuscript


It’s been several weeks since I spoke with my new editors and I sit on a beehive’s nest fearful my work will come back looking as if it spent its final days at BQB Publishers walking through a field of prickly-thorned bramble bushes with bloody slash marks covering all the pages. The creative writing process is the easy part. It’s been said that only takes 30% of your time. It’s all the editing that occurs afterwards that’s overwhelming, even mind boggling. Re-write, corrections, add […]

And so it begins, the journey to being a published author

And so it begins, the overwhelming, but exciting steps to becoming a full-fledged, published author. The contract has been executed by all parties involved (Jackie Madden Haugh and BQB Publishers). The author Competitive Analysis was thought through carefully, filled out in detail, and submitted. And a timeline has been set with a check-off list on what needs to be done in the weeks ahead. Now, if I could only quit my day job as a realtor.

By the age of ten, my mother understood how […]