It’s that time of year again for gift giving. Why not share the gift of stories that touch all of our lives? My book, “A Grateful Heart is a Happy Heart,” forty-seven short stories viewed through the eyes of a grateful woman, is now an Ebook and is the sequel to “75 Beats to a Happy Heart.” Hard copies can also be purchased through me plus shipping if out of the Los Altos area. Perfect for the aunt, uncle, grandparent, or parent who is hard to buy for. And, it’s in large print, so easy on the eyes!

For the person who feels they don’t have the time to read, try an audio book! “The Promise I Kept,” the caregiving story of a father and daughter at the end of his life,  is now on and soon to be on Itune (still working out some glitches). For nine years, I thought I was the one caring for my dad, but in reality, he was caring for me, only spiritually. It was because of his gentle soul and positive outlook on life that the trajectory of my life was changed forever.  

Perhaps you know someone who is rediscovering themselves after they think their job as wife and mother is over, then “My Life in a Tutu” is the read for them. All my life I wanted to be perfect and failed constantly, but when my marriage fell apart (the one thing I truly believed I’d always be perfect at), I had to examine the course I was on and learn forgiveness for the one person hardest to forgive – me. 







Make this Holiday Season special with the gift of reading. Any books purchased through me will be personally autographed for the loved one in your life. 

Hard copies of “My Life in a Tutu” and “The Promise I Kept” are $14.95 each.

“A Grateful Heart is a Happy Heart” and “75 Beats to a Happy Heart” are $10.00 each.

Buy both memoirs and receive either from the Grateful series for only $5.00 a piece.

Wishing you all a fabulous and loving spirited season!