Summer is over and it’s time to become educated once again. On September 18, 2014,ME005 I’ll be hosting a seminar,  How to Write Your Own Story.

In 2007, I took writing classes from my dear friend Sheila Ellison on how to create a memoir. Sheila is an author, and nationally recognized speaker on successful parenting. Her book, The Courage to be a Single Mother, brought wide acclaim and was she was featured on Oprah, with her work making the Book Club list.

When I started the writing process, I never expected my work to go anywhere.  I was learning the craft only to leave something behind for my children. 

Recently divorced from their father, I was acting in ways they thought strange. In their eyes, I was always super-duper mom and they didn’t like the way I was crumbling. As I reflected on my life, I realized it wasn’t just the divorce that created havoc in my demeanor, but a lifetime of self-esteem issues and feelings not knowing where I fit in. Having read my mother’s diaries after she passed, and gaining new insight into her I never knew before, I thought if I wrote down the stories rather than try to explain myself (children never seem to want to listen), my kids could pick up the book at any given moment and turn to the chapter that would enlighten them as why I was acting the way I was.

In 2009, I self-published My Life in a Tutu. In 2010, the Los Altos Town Crier  heard about my work and offered me my own column. Now, five years later, BQB Publishers have signed me to re-publish my memoir which is due out next summer, with two books to follow: Tipsy in a Tutu and The Promise I kept.

We all have a story deep inside us that should be put on paper. It not only helps with self-discovery, but is a gift we leave behind for future generations. Nothing is more lovely than your legacy in the written word.

There is no charge for this class. Come learn how you too can create your own story, whether its in chapter form, blog, or notes on scratch paper.

The details are as follows:

September 18th – 7-9:00 pm, for locale contact Jackie Haugh at

If this night is inconvenient, but something you feel would be valuable, please let me know. I’m sure I could talk Sheila into coming back for another evening or daytime seminar.

I hope this new school year brings joy for all of you, whether its with your children or you finding new classes to take.